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Why aluminum edging ?

High quality garden & landscape edgings are a very difficult thing to come by. There are a plethora of edging products to choose from in the marketplace but the question to be asked is are they all suitable for their intended application? Curv-Rite offers an unrivalled range of high quality garden and landscape edgings from the economical and durable 2000 series to the 4000 serious for those heavier duty applications. We've done our homework, we know what people need and the demanding applications our edging products have to stand up to.  Challenge us - if you have an application in mind and need to know which products suit your needs and your budget - let us shed some light on it for you with our 'Leading Edge' of expertise.

Aluminium lawn edging from Curv-Rite is our preferred choice of professional quality permanent landscape edgings when we need neat defining edges in our artificial grass installations. It is incredibly versatile, yet remarkably strong and being made from aluminium will last practically a lifetime, maintaining the low maintenance aspects of our installations.

Made from High Grade aluminium alloy, Curv-Rite Lawn Edging boasts the following properties: • Will never rust or rot • Will never need re-painting/staining • Lightweight, flexible & versatile • Quick and easy to install • Saves hours on future edging • Keeps lawns and borders beautiful • Helps keep your lawn at its best all year

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